Community Action Human Resources Agency

Improving the lives of limited income people and their communities since 1981

Community Services

CAHRA’s Case Management Program works with limited income households to:

  • Identify the root causes of financial difficulties.
  • Develop a case management plan that includes objectives to help the household develop needed skills.
  • Resolve the financial shortfall using funding to assist with utilities. (Other financial assistance may be offered dependant on funding availability.)

CAHRA provides specialized services to people who are homeless, including case management, advocacy, information & referral. The agency also provides Emergency Shelter to homeless families and individuals. The primary objective of the Emergency Shelter Services is to provide a stable, secure environment combined with supportive services that will enable the household to move into permanent housing as quickly as possible.

CAHRA’s Dreamcatcher Program provides subsidized rapid rehousing services to homeless families with children as well as single or adult couples. Highly motivated families are linked to resources to improve their education, job skills, employment and family functioning with the goal of the families becoming self-reliant and not dependent on outside assistance.

CAHRA uses Community Investment Funds provided by United Way of Pinal County to help households with non-shelter related needs including employment support i.e. clothing needed for a new job, car repairs, insurance, fuel, examination fees and other special needs. Assistance for medical needs may be available, if health insurance does not cover the necessity.

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